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World War One

German prisoners carrying Canadian wounded. Advance east of Arras, Fr., Aug 1918.
I saw this on imgur and found it interesting.

It made me think of a picture I once saw a few years ago that touched me.
The above picture made me do some searching and found this:

"A picture by Fortunino Matania showing a gunner saying farewell to his dying horse known as “Goodbye Old Man”.
The original was painted for the Blue Cross Fund to raise money for the charity during the First World War. Date: 1916"

Beat me to it, I was gong to say is it me or do the streets always look wider in the old photo's?

I did a Google Maps search wondering where in Paris this is.
I swear Louis, one day my wife and I will go to Paris on vacation and I'll say "Come on honey let's take a walk down this street and get a coffee." and when we get to a certain point on the street I'll pull out my Tablet and hold up this photo and say "Look, check out this before and after!" My wife will roll her eyes, shake her head, look at me like I'm 12 years old, punch me in the arm and say let's go get some coffee.
As you may guess she is not in to history the way I am. She would love the museums though. :)