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World War One

An Austro-Hungarian field telephone outpost on Mount Rombon. 1917.
Mt. Rombon is a 2,208 metres high mountain and was among the highest-lying battlefields in the Julian Alps in WW1. Mt. Rombon was defended by Austro-Hungarian troops, its higher zones by the soldiers of the 2nd Mountain Rifle Regiment, and south of Mt. Mali Rombon (1,992 m) by the troops of the 4th Bosnian-Herzegovinian Regiment.
I did a search for the battle of Mount Rambon and found the below website.
What a beautiful area Slovenia’s Soča Valley is.
There still many remnants of WWI in and around the valley.

"It’s hard to imagine that Slovenia’s Soča Valley, a land of aquamarine river rapids and dense emerald forests, was once the site of WWI’s Isonzo Front, where 1.7 million soldiers died.

Looking at Slovenia’s Soča Valley today, with its aquamarine river rapids, waterfalls gently tumbling down steep cliffs and dense, overgrown emerald forests, I had a hard time imagining that the area once resembled the barren and grey Soča Valley of Ernest Hemingway's novel, A Farewell to Arms….

…..even more difficult to imagine is that the valley was once part of the Isonzo Front, one of the bloodiest frontlines in WWI. Approximately 1.7 million soldiers died or were mutilated for life fighting on the Isonzo Front, many losing their lives attempting to navigate the steep mountain slopes, fight through whiteout blizzards or traverse unsurpassable canyons."

A view of aquamarine river rapids and dense emerald forests. (Kirsten Amor)