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Yugoslavia 1944

Looked into Tito a bit as the above photo piqued my curiosity. I mean I knew who he was, but that's about it.
Along the way I found this stuff. Hard times indeed.
"Lepa Radić, a national hero, just before she was hanged in Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Author undetermined. (Courtesy of Dragoje Lukić). Intimidating photographs of the hanging of this 17-year-old girl eventually became perhaps the most famous photographs of suffering, and a symbol of the crimes committed on Yugoslav territory. As a member of the Second Krajina Detachment, nurse Radić was in charge of evacuating the wounded. On February 8, 1943, she was discovered by soldiers of the notorious 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen. After the firing of the last bullets, Radić was subdued by the blows of rifle butts and taken to Bosanska Krupa, where after three days of captivity she was publicly hanged under an acacia tree not far from the train station. For years, the identity of the girl in the photo was unknown, only to be discovered quite by accident by a visitor to a museum in Mostar. The photos were themselves found by accident with a German soldier killed during the liberation in 1945..." Jacobinmag.com


Oh, here's a bit of what I was originally looking for. Luxury looking HQ huh?
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