Rescuing Mussolini


On July 24, 1943, at a tumultuous meeting led by his son-in-law Galeazzo Ciano, Mussolini was put under arrest by traitors in the Fascist Grand Council, in agreement with the King.
We know he is now held captive in the Italian central Apennines, at Campo Imperatore inside a recently built ski hotel at over 2000 meters on the sea level.
Any ground operations are out of the question. There is only one road up the mountain and the woods and hills in the approach area are infested with communist partisans and Italian units loyal to the King.

The only viable solution is by airborne force, using DSF-230 gliders.


Operation Oak

You will lead 2 platoons (-) of crack fallschirmjaegers and some SS troops in an assault on the hotel to free Mussolini. Your mission is to immediately capture the hotel and secure the prisoner.

The Italian guards are under orders to kill Mussolini on sight if a German attack materializes. This must not happen. The Fuhrer needs him for the war effort.

After securing the target, you will capture the Upper Cable Car station. Exfiltration Plan A is to take the cable car back down the valley where friendly forces are awaiting us to swiftly transfer Mussolini to German held ground.

Securing the Landing Zone is essential too, as Exfiltration Plan B requires the intervention of Fi-156 Storchs if the lower cable car station falls into enemy hands.

Do not mind friendly casualties. We are prepared to take at least 80% casualties. Though, beware, no enemy forces must interfere with exfiltration.

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