No One Escapes


This is a fictional scenario.

Date: june 27, Time: 04:15 (sunrise)

Playable as the allied attacker against german AI.

Mapsize 1000*1800 meters .

Forcesize: company +,  supported by a T34/85 company (10 tanks).

Time avaliable: 90 minutes.


You are the commanding officer of the 1st regiment of the 3rd Guards cavalry corps.

As part of the northern pincer advancing towards Minsk your regiment have been

ordered to bypass the german defenders  and set up a blocking possition at the

village of Lepel to prevent the german frontline forces to escape towards the west

and avoid being surrounded.

The 5th guards tankarmy and the 3rd guards mechanized corps are advancing from

the east with the goal of surrounding large part of the german 4th army east of the

Berezina river.

Your blocking possition at lepel will prevent the enemy the use of two of the major

roads leading west towards the berezina river and hopefully help delay the enemy

withdrawl long enough to prevent them from escaping.

Your regiment is perfectly located to be able to attack the german defenders at

Lepel from the rear. Let’s get to it..

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