5 thoughts on “The Road to Minsk [CMRT Campaign]

  1. Played this campaign, one of the better campaigns I have downloaded.

    -Very Large
    -Nice range of Tanks/Guns/Arty etc. throughout the campaign.
    -The urban maps can get a bit rough.

  2. Thank you for your comment, just curious can you remember how many T-34/85’s you had at the start of the last mission ?

    1. Lille, I just want to say that “The Road to Minsk” was the best campaign I have ever played, and I have played many – 10/10. It took me 8 months to complete – each battle in the campaign was so vast with a huge map and monstrous forces – taking an hour or more just to do one turn! I didn’t think Paper Tigers’ campaigns could be bested, so congratulations. I won a Total Victory at the end – I am not a save scummer – the results of each turn were not replayed in any fashion. Those Germans were tough. The great equalizer was the German mortars/arty. I have never seen indirect fire so accurate and FOLLOW my soldiers as they advanced!!!! I would disperse whole companies and move them in dead ground – but it wouldn’t matter, the German artillery always found and followed them. It was truly uncanny. My favourite battles were #1 and #3, although the final battle was epic. I can only imagine the time it took you to design these huge maps and populate them with the enemy.

  3. I assume you are the maker of this campaign?

    I can’t remember the amount of tanks I had on last mission, i think I had what i was suppose to have, including all the damaged T/34’s.

    I did not have any problems bug wise with this campaign. The Urban maps/attacks were frustrating but all urban maps are frustrating for me.

    I really like this campaign as you get Rockets, large Arty, and almost? the full Range of soviet tanks. Cant find any other campaign as good/diverse.

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