130. Panzer Regiment auf dem Vormarsch


This mission is a large-scale semi-historical tank battle. Many thanks to Eddie for creating this scenario.

Excerpt from the briefing:

“Southeast of the Vire Bridgehead the 902. Panzergrenadier Regiment and the 130. Panzer Regiment are making a counter-attack towards Cavigny. This sector is defended by the 119th Infantry Regiment/30th Infantry Division who have freshly arrived in Normandy. As planned the attack began at night and thrust up the riverside road towards Cavigny. The attack is heavily supported by artillery. It is now 0620 hours and the attack is some five hours old. By 0930 hours the I Battalion/902 Group must have reached Le Cocquerie.”

Capture the ground on the opposite of the stream and push on to the crossroads toward Le Cocquerie. (play as Axis vs. Allied AI only)


Icon of 130 Panzer Regiment Auf Dem Vormarsch 130 Panzer Regiment Auf Dem Vormarsch (1.4 MiB)


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