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FGM Brigadier
Johannesburg, South Africa
Turn Rate
6+ pw
2-4 games.
There is a mod set that uses Shock force terrain, buildings etc for CMFI that an ex-member Kohlenklau built, download here.

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A huge 4km x 4km map made from Google Earth.

Scenario Briefing (play as allies vs axis AI)
It is 1500 on Monday 15 February 1943. The day is clear with only a light wind from the west. The ground is dry but the last several weeks of rainy weather have left some low areas soft and muddy. You are Lieutenant Colonel "Gentleman Jim" Alger, CO of 2nd Battalion, 1st Armored Regiment of "Old Ironsides": the United States Army's 1st Armored Division. Yesterday the 3rd Battalion was destroyed in combat with German Panzer forces. As part of Combat Command C, you and your troops have been on the road since late last night. Your mission: "Seek the enemy armor and destroy it."
On the battlefield at this moment only some of your forces are on map. Dog Company is on map with orders to secure Sidi Salem, Fox Company will arrive at 1530 sharp and is assigned to swing out on the right flank towards Sidi Bou Zid. Easy Company is following in reserve and will arrive by 1545. Love Company from 3rd Bn, 6th Armored Infantry Regiment is following Dog Company and will arrive by platoon at 1505, 1510 & 1515. On call fire support is provided by the off-map 68th Armored Field Artillery Battalion's Baker Battery. Additional assets include your Battalion reconnaissance section (on map) and various HQ Company units (arriving at 1520).
The location of the enemy is unknown. About 30 to 40 tanks were reportedly seen coming out of the Faid Pass headed towards Sbeitla. After wiping out Hightower's battalion, they bypassed several of our infantry positions on the surrounding hills and apparently settled back somewhere near Sidi Bou Zid possibly awaiting orders or supply. While *their* Luftwaffe has been providing significant support, sadly our own air force is seldom seen. Hightower made it out on foot and warned of hidden anti-tank guns. Expect combined arms. Be alert for any "reports" that are radioed in....
This area is crisscrossed with several steep wadi's. Watch out for muddy areas and salt marsh bogs! Find a good crossing point and then get your tanks deployed back into a tactical formation. Use the terrain to your advantage. Probe forward carefully to locate the enemy, then strike boldly to overwhelm them.
There are occupy objectives for Sidi Salem (250 pts), Wadi Al Juju (150 pts) and Sidi Bou Zid (500 pts). Up to 1000 points can be racked up for destroying the enemy. A 500 point bonus is given for keeping friendly losses below 30%. A long strip of exit objectives is located at the west edge of the map to allow a withdrawal if you deem prudent. Good luck Jim.

Kasserine Rearguard" Allies vs Axis AI.
Yeah, with the early CMFI kit you can play the Tunisian part of the North Africa campaign.