CMBN US Div Patches Khaki Uniform_MTO (Ez’s Uniforms)

US Div Patches Khaki Uniform_MTO (ez’s uniforms) August 4, 2011

This mod uses the uniforms modded by “ez.” I only made a minor tweak here and there, and added shoulder insignias and, insignias painted on helmets for some units. In addition to the stock olive drab uniforms he put up on the BFC site, ez sent me his khaki brown uniforms. So, all credit for the fantastic uniforms goes to him. This mod contains the khaki brown uniforms.

The US infantry divisions that fought in Sicily and Italy are here, including the 100th Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team of Japanese Americans—Nisei. The 100th is separate from the 442nd, because it first served with the 34th Division, and because it became fiercely loyal to that organization, it wore the Red Bull patch even after they became part of the 442nd. Each division mod also has a variety of helmets and leggings.

Frankly, I’d chuck my earlier Italian Campaign Uniform mod “US Divisional Patches Italian Campaign Mod_mjk” since these uniforms are so much better. (You might want to keep the Armor folder though, since ez didn’t mod armor uniforms.)

Use this mod for sdp’s extremely well done, monumental Italian Campaign Mod.


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  1. hey I was wondering if you could do something like this but not with the khaki color and add the 29th infantry, but none the less i love this mod and adding the 442nd was really cool thank you!

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