[CMBS] Russian Backpack and Buttpack Mod

Russian Backpack and Buttpack Mod 

This is a standalone variant of the models included in Kuli's "2017 Russian Uniforms" mod 

It adds the Russian radio backpack, minus the antenna, to some Russian soldiers

It also uses a new buttpack model made by Frenchy that is more accurate in size to the actual equipment item
(just smaller)

Currently the backpacks appear only 40% of the time, while the buttpacks appear around 67% of the time.
This is done using the blank textures found in the folder. If you want to change the frequency of appearance, just add or remove blank textures.

Special thank you to Kuli for the concept and initial testing, and to Frenchy for editing the model to allow both packs to appear simultaneously.

As a disclaimer, some Russian radio operators might appear with two packs because the appearance of the radiopack with the antenna is hardcoded ingame.



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