CMBN Hi-Vis Forensic Hit Decals V.2 By Mord

This mod is great for forensic battlefield examinations of vehicle/armor damage during and/or after your battles. It will help you identify hits to your motorized and armored units much quicker and may even show you damage you would’ve otherwise missed. Perfect for your DAR/AAR presentations when you want to showcase some particularly nasty hit damage.

Two styles for your choosing; Stock & Vein Style. Thanks to Vein for creating incredible mods!

Big thanks to Pete Wenman for inspiring this mod way back when!

Part of the After Action Series.

SPECIAL NOTE: You really only need one version of this mod. The BN mod will work just fine in
CMBS or FB etc. I made one for each title because not every player owns all of the variations of CM, so
they might not find it searching CMMODS otherwise.

See the README for more info and instructions.

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