CMBN : Lucky_Strike’s Hedgerow Hell (or How Not to be Seen)

Presenting Lucky_Strike’s Hedgerow Hell (or How Not to be Seen) … the ultimate landscape mod for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy.

A little preamble … 

I grew up in rural Dorset in the south of England where our countryside is not so different from that of Normandy (though the Cider may be a bit stronger!). Whenever I fired up CMBN and gazed upon the monotonous green of the Bocage, I started to dream of my younger days spent amongst the hedgerows of my native land.

So, with some time to spare thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown, encouragement of multiple forumites and fuelled by plenty of coffee, beer and fine single malts, I doggedly worked through the summer and into the darkening autumn of 2020, and thus was born the first (God let’s hope the only) release of Hedgerow Hell

As you will see the mod is divided into two parts Hedgerow_Hell_or_How_Not_to_be_Seen_1 and, unsurprisingly, Hedgerow_Hell_or_How_Not_to_be_Seen_2 accompanied by the Hedgerow Hell – Please Read Me.pdf. The first part contains the easy install version, the second part is the belt-and-braces all-in options version. It doesn’t matter which one you download as you can be up and running with both, more or less quickly. Please first download the Hedgerow Hell – Please Read Me.pdf as it contains much useful info. Then, if you want to get going straight away, download part one for the easy version. 

This mod contains new textures for all the above ground-level flora – Trees, Bushes (a couple are by Ez), Flower and Flowers Doodads, Clover Doodad, Grass and Weeds Doodads, Crop Doodads, Brush Doodads, Marsh Doodads and, of course, those Bocage textures. Also included in part 2 are some of the Ground textures that I use, which are mostly by other creators but I’ve tweaked them a bit. Finally, again in part 2, there are a test scenario and two ReShade preset .ini files sets. If you don’t use ReShade ignore these. If you use ReShade you can add the presets to your install. I currently use version 4.8.2 of ReShade, so you should be okay if you have that. There are also presets for ReShade 4.6.1 – the previous version I was using. The test scenario is a little bit of imagined Bocage-country populated by some German pixeltrüppen, a small farmstead and various terrain types for testing. It should feel suitably claustrophobic in places! Something to roam around. 


November 2020

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2 thoughts on “CMBN : Lucky_Strike’s Hedgerow Hell (or How Not to be Seen)

  1. Amazing! Beautiful, phenomenal variety, and incredible amount of work. Very much appreciated.
    Thank you. Looking forward to trying some of the variations in my own scenarios.

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