Floating Icons CMBN/CMFB

So folk, this is my Floatings Icons mod.

This represent Icons for CMBN but can be also used to CMFB, later I will added Italian and Russian troops, that we can use with CMFI CMRT and probably the new module that we are waiting so long…

But let us begin for the time with

Let you know that the size is a little bigger as allowed
but, because CM system is really intelligent, the Icons will be automatically resized, from 64×64 into 32×32 thus, dont have any problem to show you another basic size, (don’t have to tell you but is already better to remind…).

In fact I did the icons in a bigger size, because I had a better view and is more easy to work about a detailled pictures and have also a better result…

Thus, I give you also more possibility to use it, regarding to the Bonus folder that you will choose.

Be of course aware to use only one kind of file, like Bonus 1, OR Bonus 2, OR no bonus at all.

I did these mod with a particular precision, to try to have the better and simple view…

I choose Icon from Officer with Phone or talkee walkee following the country, cos in my opinon they are representing the key of the PC.

I choose Icon from NCO cos in my opinion he represent all troops under his command.

But you make yourself your opinion.

Hope will be usefull !!!

If you see something wrong please let me know !!!

And when you don t like it, simple, don t install it…!!!





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