US Cold War Patched Uniforms by Scorpii

This modpack contains uniforms for the US Army with shoulder sleeve insignia for the following units (as of 28NOV2021)

  • 1st Armored Division
  • 3rd Armored Division
  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 3rd Infantry Division
  • 8th Infantry Division
  • 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment
  • 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
  • 4th Infantry Division
  • 194th Armored Brigade
  • 197th Infantry Brigade

All uniforms have been modtagged and include modtag text files in each unit’s folder. In order to start using a unit, you’ll have to either delete the modtag (the tag in brackets, for example [2acr]) or modtag the appropriate scenario.

All units represented are based upon the 1989 wartime CENTAG TO&E so it may or may not be historically accurate to the ’79 – ’84 period. 


  • Shoulder sleeve insignia are too low compared to reality. Due to how textures are wrapped around the model in Cold War, I had to put it lower than in reality.¬†
  • Patch textures/quality is poor. I’m not a professional nor anywhere too familiar with using art programs. This was a project I got done to the best of my ability.

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