[CMFI] Winter Textures for German Armour

New winter textures for Combat Mission FI of German vehicles/armored, and originals winter bmp imported from FB and RT into FI, to be uploaded on your site CM mod wahrehouse. The majority of my bmp textures are based on Aris and Umlaut’s work, the rest are on BF.C’s textures. They are in 2 versions: snow-covered and whitewashed (I added a small correction on the suspension of the PZ III M: too white compared to the same file that I had posted on the BFC forums). About the SDKFZ 16 Flame: the hull and interior of the Sdkfz 251-16 are those of the SKfz 251-1D. So I imported Umlaut’s excellent work. I only worked on the 2 flamethrowers and their pipes.

list :

Pz III N – M late
PSW 233 (with versions from RT)
Stug III G earliest – F8
Sdkfz 16 Flame



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