CMRT Winter Mod Soviet Greatcoats By Kohlenklau

CMRT Winter Mod Guide

Soviet Greatcoat Download

These are modtagged as [coat].

Please put the main folder in your CMRT mods folder.

OK, so now you probably gotta go into the CMRT scenario editor to do a tiny chore.

Find your map you made or whatever and import a modtag that has this:

[snow gc coat]

I included it so put that text file in your CMRT scenario folder.

Once imported and saved, it will result in the most wonderous of snowy conditions if you

have downloaded all the [snow] terrain stuff and roofs.

And it will have your German **infantry** in greatcoats and gloves if

you have that download. Finally, it will have the Soviet forces in a greatcoat.

With some gloves and a variety of snowy helmets.

And it didn’t cost you a penny.

Have fun and post some screenshots if you make a new map and have a snow battle!

Warning: I cannot guarantee there will NOT be some unknown conflict with the great number of other mods floating around out there. When in doubt, temporarily cut and paste the suspect mod out of your CMRT Mods folder and keep it somewhere safe.
IN PARTICULAR, ARIS SENDS HIS WONDERFUL MODS WITH MANY OPTIONS FOR TURRETS NUMBERED UP TO 8. The game will often just grab his and randomly place them in the winter mod eventhough they are not tagged as [snow]. You have to either remove his mod temporarily or use a mod manager. 

Let me know any feedback or problems or questions…

We have threads at both FGM and BFC. But please PM me if you are gonna get nasty.

I made this mod like homemade soup boys. It isn’t perfect but it is what it is.


(kohlenklau December 2015)

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