CMRT Mod of BF109 Flavour Object

This BF109 Flavor Object was created by Aquila-SmartWargames. With his permission it was used in the CMRT scenario Alarmeinheiten.

Un-Zip and place flavor object in your CMRT Mods folder.

For non-Steam users: Documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Red Thunder/User Data/Mods

For Steam users: Drive:/Steam/steamapps/common/Combat Mission Red Thunder/data. Create a folder called “Z” (or “Z Mods” or whatever) in your data folder. Put your mods in that folder.

I used an extra (open) flavor object slot to add the BF109 flavor object to Flavor Objects #2 – Tel. Pole – Slot 7. Originally there were only six slots. This extra flavor object will not effect the original flavor objects.

This flavour object mod is not mod tagged. However it will only show up in CMRT scenarios that use Telephone Pole slot #7.



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