CMSF2 : Mord’s Allah’s Army Sound Mod v2.0

Mord’s Allah’s Army Sound Mod v2.0




This is a complete reworking of my old SF1 mod updated to utilize the hidden sound files found in SF2. I discovered them back in December of 2018 but kept getting side tracked with bigger mod projects before I could do anything with them.

Well, I finally sat down and went to work on them. You will now hear Allahu Akbar being screamed when a vehicle is hit and burns, and lesser excited sounding Allahu Akbars when there is little damage or no effect on a hit vehicle. It’s much more immersive than the old mod and is now functioing as I’d envisioned way back in the early days of SF.

For a a more indepth explanation see this thread:

NOTE: This may or may not work with SF1, I never tested it. If you try it with SF and it works please let me know in my SF2 Mods thread.



Just unzip the Mord’s Allah’s Army Sound Mod v2 into your Mod folder.

Usually found in  C:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\User Data if

you did a default location install.

Hope this adds to your Shock Force playing experience! Enjoy and have a blast!


April 2nd, 2020

December 13th, 2018

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