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  1. F


    Hi, I have just joined The Few Good Men and just wanted to introduce myself. I have just turned 65 and have been playing war-games for 40+ years, WW2 being my main interest, and Combat Mission for about 10years. PBEM games interest me the most and I play regularly against a friend, we both have...
  2. General Sir Anthony C H M

    My new map Château de Cayx

    I would like to present my new map Château de Cayx. It's a huge map with that of tactical options, right now it is set up for a meeting engagement but can easily be converted to attack defend. The map is well suited for huge engagements with a lot of objectives. if you play the map I really...
  3. U

    Newbie's first showdown

    Hello to you all, Some of you may already have forgotten about me, since I just posted my introduction a couple of weeks ago and haven't been active since then. But hey, as I stated back then, I have finally managed to set my dropbox and CMHelper 1.7.5. and I feel "ready" for my first...
  4. Badger73

    Prelude to Luttich

    Mortain, France 6 August 1944 Situation: AMERICANS: The 30th Division had been in the line for well over a month. It had fought in the hedgerows, made possible the capture of St. LO, participated in the Breakthrough Operation, and fought a particularly hard battle at Tessy-sur-Vire. To give...
  5. Ulvjager

    Paper on weather conditions for both Battle of the Bulge and Normandy Invasion

    Found an interesting paper, good for getting accurate weather for your CMFB scenarios in the Battle of the Bulge http://dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a121480.pdf
  6. Z

    Ver 3.12 compatability with older versions

    Greetings all, Since this has been out a while I'm wondering whether peoples have noticed any compatability problems with ongoing PBeM games? I've seen a few comments on the BF Boards that many people have had no problems. I also note that BF themselves say that the warning was a "just in...
  7. F

    CMBN US M1943 uniform mod?

    Currently looking for this but can't find one. The Germans seem to have a lot of uniform mods available but what about the classic look of GIs as they crossed the Rhine river in 1945? Any links please? ie, boots and not spats, M1943 pants and tunic as opposed to the 1941 uniform most landed with...
  8. M

    Battle Drill Blog

    Just digested Bil Hardenberger's Blog and found it very interesting. It's a little old and probably many people here are aware of it. I was surprised that he has not received more feedback. Battle Drill Blog