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  1. Probus

    Looking to Have Fun in a 2v2 Game (experienced players)

    Wanting to start a 2v2 Game. I have my sidekick, I just need an opponent and their sidekick. Really pretty open to the format. Something that would go well in a 2v2 round robin environment. I've played a few turns on the Fortress Italy map Po River Valley and that looks like a lot of fun...
  2. H

    Opponent Wanted

    Any title, Any map, but preference for WW2 and large scale engagements. Strong preference for Quick Battles and force selection, but I wont turn my nose up at a good scenario. Cheers.
  3. P

    Mac CMBFN Player

    Hey guys, New to the forum and the game, been playing against AI for a while and I'm in need of an opponent. I'm running Battle for Normandy on a mac, just have the base game (for now) and I think I'm ready for a human opponent. Haven't set up multiplayer before so I'll need some help with how...
  4. U

    Newbie's first showdown

    Hello to you all, Some of you may already have forgotten about me, since I just posted my introduction a couple of weeks ago and haven't been active since then. But hey, as I stated back then, I have finally managed to set my dropbox and CMHelper 1.7.5. and I feel "ready" for my first...
  5. L

    Looking for opponents for CMBS/CMSF

    looking for opponentS (more than 1) for cmbs/cmsf, i am up for : Pbem,Wego Turn based, Real time if pbem then 2-10 turns per day consider playing wego turn based or real time if you want pbem, give me your email adress linked to dropbox battles: tiny to medium Maps: small to large i am very...