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  1. HANZ

    Opponent Wanted

    Any title, Any map, but preference for WW2 and large scale engagements. Strong preference for Quick Battles and force selection, but I wont turn my nose up at a good scenario. Cheers.
  2. P

    Mac CMBFN Player

    Hey guys, New to the forum and the game, been playing against AI for a while and I'm in need of an opponent. I'm running Battle for Normandy on a mac, just have the base game (for now) and I think I'm ready for a human opponent. Haven't set up multiplayer before so I'll need some help with how...
  3. Unfriendly

    Newbie's first showdown

    Hello to you all, Some of you may already have forgotten about me, since I just posted my introduction a couple of weeks ago and haven't been active since then. But hey, as I stated back then, I have finally managed to set my dropbox and CMHelper 1.7.5. and I feel "ready" for my first...
  4. L

    Looking for opponents for CMBS/CMSF

    looking for opponentS (more than 1) for cmbs/cmsf, i am up for : Pbem,Wego Turn based, Real time if pbem then 2-10 turns per day consider playing wego turn based or real time if you want pbem, give me your email adress linked to dropbox battles: tiny to medium Maps: small to large i am very...