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a returning rookie


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Feb 27, 2021
The Hague, NL

I first found Combat Mission in a bargain bin for 4 euros back in 2005 France. What a bargain! I then got CMBB and CMAK in quick succession and played all of these, especially with maps and scenarios of my own. My few attempts at PBEM were disastrous and hilariously unlucky.

I played also a lot of CMBN (no modules at the time) then drifted away from CM games for a few years.

I have now the time and the energy to play these again, and purchased CMRT and CMBS a couple of weeks ago. I'm having a great time, though the open terrain scenarios always scare me a bit.

This site is full of resources and the community is great. Thanks to all who make this site possible.

One last thing, I used to have an account on here years ago, you may even have played some of my maps, since they are in the CMBN map pack available in the download section. (the M_M packs, from my former username Matt_Mulder)

So Hi to all and see you on the battlefield !
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Big welcome to the Club @Ganymedian The Few Good Men are welcoming you!.... You will find a lot of interesting people here
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