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**NSFW** Australia Appreciation Thread


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Nov 28, 2011
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Perth, Australia
Happy Australia Day to any other Aussies on the forum... so thats @Combat Wombat ?

For everyone, here are some pics of the local Australian Fauna. ;)


Just to point something out... no Aussie drinks Fosters. It's rats piss. We surely don't serve this swill to our national animal! Actually (economists hat on), Australians are drinking less beer now per capita than any time since records began. Yes our official statistical bureau records alcohol sales and consumption. Those that drink beer are more likely to drink imported beers than those made locally.


Quokka - Little marsupial only found on an island off my home town of Perth. Rottnest Island which means... @Dutch Grenadier ??? :D Yeah one of the dutch explorers mistook them for giant rats.


The Beach Babes (and cheerleaders for the second tier football code) ;)
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Ahh mate ! nice one AND the cheer leaders for the Magnificent Manly Warringah Sea Eagles ! what a man !.. but it was a day for the green and gold ?? !


... And I think I tried to improve our position as beer drinkers over the long weekend, but with Cooper's Pale Ale... !
We have these boys come into the house quite often and prowl around ceiling corners -- called "rain spiders", they can get quite large (although our cat considers them a delicacy) ... but are pretty harmless... a species of huntsman spider native to Southern Africa.[2] It is the most common and widespread species in the Palystes genus. Its distribution ranges from KwaZulu-Natal province in the east, then westwards to the provinces of Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and North West in the north, and Eastern Cape and Western Cape in the south. It has a body length of 25–30 mm ... venom apparently about as painful as a bee sting.

Generally just trap 'em in a tupperware and chuck em back into the garden.


Although this is a baby one... wouldn't want to be doing this for fun...

This one is for @Nelson1812 . Hit 50 degrees Centigrade up in the north west in Port Hedland today. Okay 49 degrees from the official weather bureau. (and 49% relative humidity). That's 122 degrees Fahrenheit for the Americans. :D

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Now you just have to stay cool. Stay in the shade and drink lots of water. I guess the other option is to just get a great tan :)
Hmn -not sure if this is the place for this post, but my wife kindly gave me kangaroo steaks last night - not bad at all - you might even say Ripper!

(or at least us pale Poms might)