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**NSFW** Australia Appreciation Thread

Hmn -not sure if this is the place for this post, but my wife kindly gave me kangaroo steaks last night - not bad at all - you might even say Ripper!

(or at least us pale Poms might)

yep, that is appreciating all things Aussie ...

Strewth 50deg! ? ! that would be a tad warm ?!
It's far from a daily meal for Australians but yeah everyone's tried Kangaroo at least once. ;) I think an equivalent would be eating snails if you're French - Yes it's nice but you don't do it every day. Also try Emu and 'Bush Turkey' for some nice gamey meat.

OK guy´s you have my compassion:p

Here it´s slightly cold, somewhat foggy...ideal for homework, for example to play combat mission;)

On the other hand, my wife is this often disagree:(:rolleyes:
My next winter FSX adventure project is a "Down Under Tour" to discover Australia.

I am at the moment finishing my 2014 "Aeropostale" adventure, flying now between Santiago in Chile to La Paz in Bolivia. I will finish South America by flying down the Amazon river with some amphibian plane.