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Battle Brothers -- bloody addictive game

Been playing a bit more with this (little time at the moment with RL and work) ... it certainly looks different and quite nice additions to the battlefields.

My Brotherhood of the Blazing Sands raiding a desert Nomad Bandits camp ... my guys are a mix of southern and northern types ... and complete mish-mash of kit.

At back of enemy is a fancy kitted out Bandit Leader ... and the two disreputable guys in black are Assassins -- first time I encountered those ... nasty f****s ... threw all kinds of bombs. fire and stun grenade type things ... and then sliced and diced through about 8 of my guys with fancy moves and those evil daggers of theirs.

Back to the saved file ... headed off into a different quest until my guys are quite a bit more up-skilled.

BattleBrothers 2020-08-30 13-27-13-861.jpg
Beat the goblins in the end... that Goblin Shaman was a real pain and VERY adept at dodging my arrows. Goblin archers stayed back mostly shooting from cover of those stone walls.
Ended up with three guys struck down with permanent injuries — one of my veteran stalwarts with weakened heart problems... and another 5 severely injured to varying degrees. Good thing I had just previously added a surgeon to my retinue of camp followers (a new feature in this DLC)

This was touted as a simple one-skull noble house mission, that somehow ended up with facing 17 goblins ... bastards.


FGM Company Sergeant Major
Apr 2, 2019
I need some help finding a game that looks very similar to battle brothers and is still in early access. Ive forgotten its name so maybe someone in here can help? Its from the medieval era.