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Some hard times. Run into a stretch where all my available mission options are 3-4 difficulty level. Actually, I've been doing OK, but could use a bit of a rest.

My battle lance is a bit disorganized. A little unsure as to who my starting four actually should be. Could use a good, reliable heavy but don't have one in my garage I really like. Have been getting paid cash heavy due to my fear of C-bill mismanagement, given my history. I have a bit now so next couple of missions I think I'll emphasize salvage and see what that produces.
Is there a reference work somewhere guys and gals that explains the differences between the mechs? Or does one have to just look and the weaponry and decide for oneself?
The difference is the amount of armour, weapon and ammo storages, jump jets and speed.

I played the board game so I stick to what I know :).

The heavier the class the more it takes to kill it (like t29 vs king tiger).
@enigma6584 You Tube is currently flooded with Battletech videos. It shouldn't take much effort on your part to find specifically what you are looking for. I was looking at exactly that just yesterday.

So, I've set up my starting Lance as follows: Dragon, Shadow Hawk (2) and a Centurion. I mean who doesn't like the brute force of a Dragon? However, it is slow and I am running into more missions that are timed so some speed is frequently the key to winning or losing. For that I've found the Shadow Hawk fills the bill. Excellent speed, great jump jet capability and a serious punch when it gets to where it's going. Also serves ably in a scouting role. Then I've got a Centurion as my LRM Boat. Will look to improve on that as the Centurion is very slow and sometimes has a hard time even getting his LRM's into the fight.

Always something else that needs to be done.
@mTk Thanks. I have indeed found some good reference material. Need to do some serious reading and then experiment in skirmish mode.
@ enigma6584 Actually, with a little modest watching of YT you don't need to mess with skirmish mode unless you want to. The game eases you into the Campaign Game and by the time you get to the first time you can go non-linear you should have the game under control.

Some luck for me yesterday. Finished a mission and could pick 4 salvage items. I was able to select a complete 85T Battle Master mech! Well, that changes my line-up a bit.
Yes it was. First time playing multiplayer. Interesting game and turn system really keeps one on their toes. Will have to do it again soon. Thank you mcmortison!
@mTk , yep, that was one of the reference pieces I have been looking at. Really enjoying this game now that I'm having a better understanding of it.
Oh, my. It was bound to happen, but this was ugly. Mission started out normal enough with a warning to expect enemy reinforcements. I took the top of a hill near the map center and began dealing with 4 enemy mechs to my right climbing up the hill. Their attack was coordinated so I was having difficulty dealing with them one at a time. Killed one, damaged another and then...4 more even bigger mechs flanked me on my left and got me into a crossfire.

It was ugly.

Are people still playing this? I picked it up this weekend (sale runs until July 8 on Steam) and am learning the ropes playing the guided campaign. Do people still play multiplayer?

Should I be considering buying any/all dlc while on 50% off?