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Best Recent Board games



Lot of stuff, really interesting games. My choice in no particular order:
7th Continent (never played but I read a lot of positive feedbacks)
Terraforming Mars
Sagrada (family)
Gloomhaven (amazing if you like dungeon crawl)

Jolly Olly

FGM Company Sergeant Major
Lots of good games on this list! The only one I can speak directly to is Codenames. Very easy and a lot more fun than you might think.

I personally have been interested in Azul and Scythe.

Pandemic Legacy is listed and, while I have not played it specifically, can recommend the Pandemic line of games if you like cooperative games.

Not on this list, basically because they are older, I highly recommend any Ticket To Ride (known as "The Train Game" in my family). Easy to learn and teach, simple to play, and extremely stress inducing, in a fun way, when you play. I have almost all the versions of it. Splendor I another one I really like! Both of these have Steam versions though I have not played online. If any of you are game, pardon the pun, to play either of them I'd consider buying them on Steam. They are both multiplayer so could be fun if a few of us had either of them.

Carscassone is another great boardgame! Have not looked to see if it's on Steam to but highly recommend it as well.