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British aviation

British glider troops after they landed in somewhere place in Normandy, june 1944.
Great pic ... Pilots from 112 Squadron grouped round the nose of one of their Curtiss Tomahawks in Egypt. -- guessing early 1942.

From left to right:
Sergeant R.F. Leu, Pilot Officer N.F. Duke, Flying Officers J.F. Soden (on wing) and P.H. Humphreys, Squadron Leader F.V. Morello (Commanding Officer)
Flight Lieutenant C.F. Ambrose, Flying Officer E. Dickenson (KIA 28 May 1942), Sergeant H.G. Burney (KIA 30 May 1942), Flying Officers D.F. Westenra, J.J.P. Sabourin (KIA 6 October 1942), N. Bowker and J.P. Bartle and Sergeant K.F. Carson.

I’m sure I mentioned this before in another thread so stop me if you already heard it.
At an airshow I met a P47 pilot who was standing next to a Thunderbolt kind of like a tour guide.
He said they would disabled two of the machine guns because it slowed the aircraft too much when all eight were fired at the same time.
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