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Friendly fire incident in Normandy as Allied bombs fall close to Canadian troops during Op Totalize, causing over 300 Canadian, Polish and British casualties

A Canadian member of the joint American-Canadian landing force squints down the sights of a Japanese machine gun found in a trench on Kiska Island, Alaska, on August 16, 1943. After the brutal fighting in the battle to retake Attu Island, U.S. and Canadian forces were prepared for even more of a fight on Kiska. Unknown to the Allies though, the Japanese had evacuated all their troops two weeks earlier. Although the invasion was unopposed, 32 soldiers were killed in friendly-fire incidents, four more by booby traps, and a further 191 were listed as Missing in Action.

"Old Soldiers Never Die - They Dig! And Fade Away Into A Slit Trench." Two Canadian soldiers of the 2nd Army's GHQ "Phantom" Regiment, a special reconnaissance unit, dig slit trenches in Normandy 1944