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Juno Beach
Canadians, location unknown
Juno Beach

Juno Beach, Graye-Sur-Mer, Normandy.
This Churchill MK IV AVRE belonged to the 26th Assault Squadron, Royal Engineers which on D-Day was supporting the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade.
During D-Day, while negotiating an obstacle,100 meters South (the monument is facing Southwards) of its current position, it slipped and fell into a water-filled crater. The crew bailed out, but while doing so was cut down by German MG and rifle fire. Four out of six crew members were KIA.
Haven't heard of the Westland Lysander I did some looking up....

"The Westland Lysander is a British army co-operation and liaison aircraft produced by Westland Aircraft that was used immediately before and during the Second World War.

After becoming obsolete in the army co-operation role, the aircraft's short-field performance enabled clandestine missions using small, improvised airstrips behind enemy lines to place or recover agents, particularly in occupied France with the help of the French Resistance. Royal Air Force army co-operation aircraft were named after mythical or historical military leaders; in this case the Spartan admiral Lysander was chosen."
- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia