Chariot Lords Tournament, GROUP Play!


FGM Captain
Okay, Group play is now complete! Results are as follows....

Group A
  1. Nelson1812 - 7 points
  2. Jolly Olly - 5 points
  3. Badger73 - 3 points
  4. Bootie - 0 (thanks for standing in despite your schedule).
Group B

1. Mad Mike - 8 points
2. Nathangun - 4 points
3. wellsonian - 3 points
4. Rico - 0

The elimination round will be in a separate thread. I am making a change to make this two players in each group have a chance at the title (forget me mentioning a 3rd place game earlier, I had forgotten that isn't until after we work that out in the first round of elimination play). Seeding will be by points. See the Elimination round thread!
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