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Field of Glory II: Empire Builders


FGM Captain
Well if you will go around smoking a peace pipe, sandals, and a shield...

I be taking a rest from FOG2 as well.

Just waiting for the winter sales... may get that Civil war campaign game, also been waiting for Dreadnought, it was due out 2nd August, maybe got the wrong year!
So we are down to the last battle of the FOG II: Empire Builders Campaign! -- it's been quite a ride and quite a lot of fun was had.

Winners of the previous round's battles, @Nelson1812 and @Wellsonian duke it out for the last remaining province: TRANSCASPIA

@Badger73 's BLUE Empire is obviously the run away winner in this contest... ALL HAIL BAGDERUS IMPERATOR REX!


BUT... the RED and GREEN Empires are still in a close race.

RED ( @Nelson1812 ) has 16 provinces, GREEN ( @Wellsonian ) has 15 provinces ... so, in this last battle GREEN has an opportunity to tie for 2nd place.

LAST BATTLE: TRANSCASPIA -- @Nelson1812 (sets up battle) vs @Wellsonian

FOG-Empire Builders 029.jpg
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