Field of Glory, Medieval: KINGDOMS & EMPIRES Campaign

I realise that I love a lot of VARIETY in my FOG II & FOG Medieval battles -- so am putting the Italian Wars Campaign on hold (there will be a dedicated campaign player release later in the year) and am proposing a follow on to the FOG EMPIRE BUILDERS ANCIENTS campaign, which is this: FOG Medieval: KINGDOMS & EMPIRES.

BATTLES: Very much like in the Ancients campaign, but this time battles can be played out across the entire range of FOG Medieval armies and all the DLC's -- from Reconquista to Rise of the Swiss!

Basically very similar rules , a LOT more provinces and designed for SIX factions (can one player or teams of 2 or more per faction).

The starting set up is also different, as each faction gets a randomly drawn Capital province, with THREE additonal, adjacent core provinces... and FIVE additional provinces randomly drawn across the board (starting set up will look a little like a randomly drawn RISK game) -- for a total of NINE provinces per faction.

The aim of the game is to build a cohesive kingdom or empire out of your scattered possessions all over Europe and the Mediterranean, from the Highlands of Scotland to the deserts of Syria!

Controlling complete regions will also earn you GOLD income and points for scoring purposes (much like in the previous campaign) -- except this time regions come in different sizes and values.

Here the campaign map as work in progress...

Medieval Empires 2 Mastermap  6 PLAYER sample.jpg

Before I put in the work to complete it -- are the Empire Builders Ancients players keen to have a go at this one? ... and any additional FOG Medieval players?

@Wellsonian @Nelson1812 @chiquichops @HOA_KSOP @kronenblatt @Nathangun @mTk @Josey Wales @Bootie @Mad Mike @olaf @Badger73
So we have our starting six faction players we need to head our kingdoms/empires.

1. @Badger73 -- GREY
2. @Nelson1812 -- RED
3. @Wellsonian
4. @chiquichops
5. @Nathangun
6. @Rico

There are 8 colours to chose from for the faction unit counters:
Red, purple, grey, orange, blue, green, white and yellow.

If you have any colour preference for your faction, let me know, otherwise it'll be assigned by random draw :cool:
(also if you want to carry over your faction colours from the Ancients campaign ;-) )

Medieval Empires 2 Faction colours.jpg
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