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Field of Glory, Medieval: KINGDOMS & EMPIRES Campaign

Back on working on this over the Xmas break and festive season ... to be launched in the new year -- it'll be epic.

Working out and polishing some rules ideas -- so far set up for SIX factions.

Initial set up of provinces controlled by each faction will be a random draw.

Setting up the battles will be same concept as in the Ancients Empire Builders Campaign -- using geographically & time period appropriate armies chosen from the whole period covered by FOG Medieval and all the DLC's.

How do you guys feel about MIRROR Battles?

Medieval Empires 2 Mastermap  6 PLAYER playtest1.jpg
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Maybe keeping it lighter, more fluid would make sense, but I'm down for playing whatever rules you consider best.
I like the campaign concept.
So, I've been refining this -- here is the final version of the map.
Did some testing and made the BYZANTIUM region smaller and added a GREECE region of 3 territories.

It's designed for SIX factions with NINE randomly drawn starting territories each.
(faction players will be randomly drawn and assigned -- will need to figure out who can handle a faction single-handedly ... and who will pair up with a partner)
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The idea is to start once the Roman Civil Wars Mini Campaign is completed.

Below are the DRAFT RULES for the campaign.

Medieval Empires 2 Mastermap  6 PLAYER fnal.jpg


Attacks work exactly the same way as in the other Empire Builders Campaign - each round each faction can launch at least ONE attack. (there are a few more rules which I will clarify later)

In the opening Round the sequence of challenges is randomly drawn.
(From turn TWO, the order will be determined by results from previous battles -- the side with the highest winning % margin of their best battle result will go first and so on)

No Empire can launch an attack INTO a territory already under attack, or FROM a territory that is under attack.

When it's his turn, the ATTACKER posts a challenge for a medium size skirmish battle using ANY forces/armies APPROPRIATE to the geographic location of the battle set in any period covered by FOG Medieval and all the DLC's.

Map setting should also be appropriate (can be pot luck as well) -- settings can be negotiated in a gentlemanly manner if desired.

The ATTACKER selects the armies (and allies if wanted) and the DEFENDER can chose which side he likes to play.

Both sides assign a player to fight the battle, post the agreed Challenge on FOG2 and proceed to fight.

ANY level of Victory and either the attacker conquers the territory or the defender holds on to it if defending.
(Attacks on CAPITAL TERRITORIES work a little different -- see below)

A faction can attack any territory adjacent to one of its own territories via land connection, across a dotted blue-line sea connection or
or via a sea connection across a sea zone, if they have a FLEET in place that controls that sea zone.


Factions can earn bonus GOLD two ways:
1. GOLD COINS can be earned for each REGION controlled at the start of a Round. (see chart on map for different earning values of regions)
2. Each 40% (+25%) battlefield victory against an enemy faction earns ONE GOLD.

Each faction can at any time have a maximum of FIVE gold coins in its treasury.

Factions start the campaign with ZERO Gold in their treasuries -- they will have to earn Gold with victories and controlling Regions.


GOLD can be spent on the following:
1. TWO gold to build and deploy a FLEET
2. ONE gold to maintain an existing fleet
3. TWO gold to launch a SECOND attack in a round
4. +ONE gold to launch a SEABORNE attack (this is added cost to the free FIRST attack or the paid-for SECOND attack)
5. ONE gold to attack an ENEMY CAPITAL
6. TWO gold to repair a friendly CAPITAL strength point
7. TWO gold to move your CAPITAL to another territory (maybe a safer location)



1. Determine sequence of faction orders.

2. When it their turn, faction commanders post orders from following options:

a) standard attack order (post challenge with armies and map parameters, defender choses which army to use)
b) build and deploy fleet (pay 2 Gold)
c) maintain fleet (pay 1 Gold)
d) disband fleet (no longer pay maintenance)
e) launch seaborne attack (pay 1 Gold)
f) relocate capital (pay 2 Gold)
g) Optional second attack order (pay 2 Gold)
h) repair friendly capital strength point (pay 2 Gold)

3. Factions assign attack and defensive commanders (GM randomly assigns available commanders for neutral zone attacks)

4. Naval battles are resolved by GM die roll (outcomes may affect land battles)

4. Land Battles are resolved in FOG Medieval.

5. End of round housekeeping

a) map and score board updated
b) bonus Gold coins awarded



a) Controlling a REGION earns extra GOLD income at the start of any round a player controls a region (no Capital Territory is contested)
b) Players also earn points for any region controlled at the end of every round. (these points do not add up, but the scoreboard is adjusted every turn)


FLEETS & Naval Battles
Factions may build and deploy a Fleet into a Sea Zone to control that zone.
This allows the controlling faction to launch attacks across that sea zone and also prevent an enemy faction from attacking across that sea zone in turn.

An enemy faction may build and deploy a fleet into the sea zone to contest control, or two factions may deploy opposing fleets in the same turn.
A NAVAL BATTLE is then resolved by a GM die roll -- higher die roll wins and controls the sea zone, loser is eliminated.
Only TWO fleets may contest a sea zone at any one time per round.

(I will post more detailed examples -- but it works pretty much exactly like the Ancient Empires rules)



Every Faction/Empire has to have a CAPITAL to function and to order attacks etc.
At start, every faction has it's territories randomly drawn, at the start of the campaign, each faction may decide in which territory to place their Capital.

This Capital needs to be protected at all costs.

On the right of the Capital, is indicated the faction treasury, which -- it can can hold a maximum of FIVE GOLD at any time.
If the Capital is conquered, the treasury is forfeited/lost.


A Capital Territory (see example above) has three orange STRENGTH POINTS markers next to it.
If a faction attacking this territory wins a battle with a Major Victory (+40%) , two SP markers are removed.
If a faction attacking this territory wins a battle with a Major Victory (+60%) , one SP markers is removed.

Attacking an enemy's Capital also costs the attacker ONE Gold extra.

If all three SP's are lost, the region falls to the attacker who destroyed the last SP.

If an attacker wins a battle in a Capital Region, he can chose to stay there and continue the fight in the next round to eliminate any remaining SP's -- the province is then considered CONTESTED and cannot be attacked by a 3rd party. (this is counts as his attack for that turn)

Once a Capital Region has been captured, the SP markers are removed and the region becomes a normal region, even if recaptured by its original owners.

If a faction loses its Capital, it cannot attack for ONE turn while it rebuilds its Capital in any of its other territories available (not under attack) - but it will start with only ONE strength point.
It can fight all defensive battles as before -- all Fleets are disbanded as well)

A faction can spend TWO gold to repair any lost Capital territory SP's (providing the Capital is not already under attack in that turn)


At the end of Round 12 factions earn the following points:
a) ONE point per territory controlled
b) points for any REGIONS a faction fully controls at the end of Round 12
I'm down to play alone but I'd team up too if I could, might be nice to be a team player...