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German Miscellaneous


Never saw these together...
U.S. intelligence produce fits of what Hitler may look like if he was going into hiding ..

Obersteuermann Helmut Klotzsch of U-175 calling for help to be rescued after his ship was sunk by USGCG (United States Coast Guard Cutter) "Spencer" in the waters of the North Atlantic, south-west of Ireland, April 17, 1943.
The U-175 (commanded by Korvettenkapitän Heinrich Bruns) from 10. Unterseebootsflottille was sunk while preparing to attack Convoy HX-233 (departed New York on Apr. 6-1943 and arrived Liverpool on Apr. 21)
The escorts of convoy, the American Coast Guard cutters Spencer and Duane, detected U-175 ahead of the convoy and conducted two depth charge attacks. Forty minutes later the boat was forced to surface and was scuttled by her crew. Spencer and Duane rescued 44 survivors.
Some of the U-175's crew later joked that while still on board of the U-boat - just prior to abandoning ship - Klotzsch ordered the men not to call out for assistance once they entered the water.
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The circus elephant named “Kiri” picking up the wreckage of a car before loading it onto a trailer during the clearance of a bombed out garage in Hamburg, nov 1945
This is thought to be the same “Kiri” that died aged 30 (24/5/60) of Elephant Smallpox at Leipzig Zoo (moved from Hamburg to Leipzig in 1952)