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German Miscellaneous

German worker operating a boot making machine for the Wehrmacht. Herzogenaurach, Germany, 1940.
Jeez, you think the guy would loosen his collar.
But then maybe it's too much of a hassle to get it back in proper order again and it's easier to just let it be.

Great pic Louis.

Louis I have to get the sound of your name right in my head.
I probably asked this before and promise I won't again so have patience, do you pronounce your name Lou-iss or Lou-ee?
I've heard pronounce both ways.
I have always thought that no one person did more to ensure Germany's defeat than Hitler. He inserted himself into all kinds of armaments decisions for which he had no background, and nobody could tell him "no" when he wanted something stupid. Thickness of tank armor, specific caliber guns to be mounted on tanks, etc. At least Churchill and Roosevelt and presumably Stalin had the good sense to get out of the way of the professional weapons designers. Here he is with Speer and others inspecting or reviewing tank ammo.