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Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front is out

Speaking of Gravteam, it really needs a replay feature. I've asked for it. Didn't get any feedback from devs. A few players commented that it would take away resources from making more DLC's. I think having a replay would not only make the game more complete and compelling, but could allow youtube content creators make more content that could entice more to buy and play. I watched Josey Wales video where he compared CM and GT and mentioned the replay.

Its hard to make compelling videos when you can't replay and get different camera angles. There are a few good and compelling videos that demonstrate the action in a cinematic manner and that must have taken a very long time.

The other thing about GT is the interface. It takes getting used to and things like artillery is much harder to manage than it should be.

I have read that them team is Ukranian or Russian and the nuances of how people approach and comprehend computer user interfaces is different than the west...if true then that interesting.
I really think Matrix should remaster this. It would fill a niche. Now that Battlefront is bound to Slitherine and Matrix may be doubtful they would put effort into a newer version of this. At the very least they should incorporate some of the features into Combat Mission as Ostfront handles some things better if you ask me.
Yeah, if you go to the forum there are noises that they are moving forward SLOWLY with maybe an additional title.The game engine would be fantastic in the Western Front or in the Pacific.
I bought this when it came out played it very little then moved onto other things. I remember those who played it a lot really liked it and it had a following. I pretty much overlooked it. I can't say if the update you now install incorporates better graphics than original.
Yeah, I played it a fair amount "back in the day". I have always been a fan. I even suggested to the forum admin some years ago that if they married this game with the Graviteam people for a remake they would have a world-beater. but given that Graviteam has never been a fan of turn-based games, that would never happen.
T-34 rambling through German positions bout to get a shellacking from artillery piece.
Door knocker with HEAT bomb? One of the many Tamiya models I build back in the day unaware of T-34 sneaking up behind it.
T-34 crew panics and bails. Dead crewman was actually kicked by a German soldier then shot...
Another knocked out Russian tank. Not sure what type this is. Maybe a British Valentine? They do have lend lease tanks in some of the Campaigns and battles.

Once again the Russian assault was not coordinated with infantry. The supporting infantry was cut down. Cease fire agreed to, but the Russians did come out ahead. Gravteam is the most realistic and engaging East Front simulator available. The Angola module looks equally intense and good. I also have the DLC that depicts the Russian/Chinese border clashes.
More Gravteam madness. A KV-1 with tank riders advancing on German positions
Russian T-34 with tank riders advancing from different direction.
T-34 that advanced onto dug in German troops knocked out by multiple hits from 50mm AT gun. Don't see any penetrations so crew may have panicked and bailed.
A Panzer III captured and commandeered by the Russians attacking German positions from a different direction than T-34s and KV-1s. Unlike previous assaults this is turning into a coordinated assault with tanks and infantry attacking in coordinated manner supported by artillery.

This is now getting critical.
The commandeered Panzer III is now overrunning German positions. I'm a bit miffed. I followed the Panzer III and it received multiple hits from a PAK 50. 7 hits in the sides, 5 in the frontal section and 4 in the rear quadrant. I wasn't able to measure the range, but it didn't seem too far. I would think a 50mm would be capable of penetrating a Panzer III, especially with side and rear hits. Did not appear to be HE either, but AP rounds....
Things have reached a critical stage when the Stuka's arrive on the scene.
The KV-1 went up in a massive fireball from bombs and the tank riders are nothing more than splotches.
A BT tank in front of German positions is about to get a wake up call from a bomb dropped by a Stuka. Looking at my Russian tank guide book. I'm guessing this is a BT-70
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As the Stukas continue to strafe in support of troops on the fround, some have decided they had enough...