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@Badger73 my mind....MC roll... ROUT!

(Runs screaming into the woods)
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Hi folks. Our latest dev blog has gone live on board wargame influences (yeah CARDBOARD.. deal ;-) ) . The TFSM (The Few SNEAKY men) already wormed most of it out of me here :-( but still interested in any further comments from TFSM.
Very interesting influences. The only one I have owned and played is "Ambush". However the game mechanics you describe from each capture the essence of decision making and action in a hostile environment. The test your luck mechanic would be interesting and I assume would be tied to suppression fire you are receiving, cover, etc. If those concepts can be captured in your work it should make for an interesting experience.
Hey HOA_KSOP Let's hope so :cool:

So Luke, there's nice article on topic "friction" or the lack thereof in digital wargames on Wargamer.com! Your game seems like it would perfect to introduce "friction" into the mix. Can you give us a preview of what your team might consider introducing to create "friction"?

Thanks, Barry
If you guys haven't been over to the Burden of Command blog recently you might want to check it out. They have explained how they are "organizing" the interactions, makes for an interesting insight into what they are trying to do.

Hey Barry (@HOA_KSOP),

Thanks for that. Sorry I don't always spot the alerts in my email system.Thanks for prompt. You guys are the best for sure. BTW we have a new dev blog coming out pretty soon on the game mechanics of Emotional Authenticity. Watch our FB and Twitter.

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BTW guys any of you who feel like following on Twitter (@BurdenOfCommand) or FB that is always a big help in this saturated game market.
So Luke are "crucibles" the same as friction? Very interesting concepts presented already on the DEV blog. I gotta ask, what does an algorithm for emotional response look like?

Thanks for the heads up on the new blog entry coming, I subscribed to your guys email...BTW, so I should get a heads up when it's out...
Friction is my term for "chaos." @HOA_KSOP. Chaos comes from:
-- command -- as units morale goes down their likelihood of following an order decreases (see dev blog #2 on boardgame influences: http://bit.ly/BoC-blog2
--chaotic events -- gun jams etc etc. As pioneered by Squad leader.
-- combat results -- we're all used to this. Firing can have greater or less effect
-- variable unit moves -- miniatures pioneered friction in sense of how far a unit will move can be variable/uncertain. We'll do some similar things.
In short chaos is pervasive.
Crucibles are critical narrative events where you and your Lts rethink their Mindsets. Mindsets are key attributes from an RPG standpoint influence play and narrative. See Last dev blog: http://bit.ly/BoC-blog3

Hope that helps a bit :)
Dev blog 4, Emotional Authenticity, is available for reading. Interesting concepts for a computer game. If they pull this all together it will be a really interesting experience.