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Greetings from lead of Burden of Command Team


I'm beginning to suspect that everyone working on Combat Mission, Command Ops2, and Burden of Command are all on a long drunk together while binging on "Band of Brothers" videos in somebody's basement . . . :shocknaz:

Wow I so want this to be the true reason for the delays...... YAY (I fear real reason is a combination of Real Life issues, Overwork, Bugs & CRUNCH...)
Got a newsletter, it seems they are making progress, although I find it interesting they chart "Tactical Engine" progress but no longer show AI progress on their progress chart.
Received a March 4 newsletter and see a quip from the Wargamer Weekly Report column, looks like they are shooting for Christmas 2020. FTR, they did reach out to me to work on the project in Jan-Feb but having to focus on career-related issues right now. But progress is being made so let's keep our fingers crossed and wish them the best of luck in moving forward.
Got a newsletter from the BoC people last week. They are making progress, but the tactical AI is shown as only being 1/2 way through the pre-alpha test stage. Everything else is at the alpha stage. I wouldn't hold my breath for a release this year.