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Gun talk

Frankly, I don't really think I fall into the panic shooter category.
However, if I did, he makes his point by using a police officer committing the use of excessive force upon a seemingly "innocent" party.
In that context it (multiple rounds) sounds much more egregious than should a I (homeowner) fire of a full clip into someone who's trespassed onto my property with apparent intention to smack me around, or worse.
And since I do not carry I'm not going to get into a gunfight in public making his prophesy come true.
Pretty sure a jury would let me off, even assuming any charges were brought against me. Unlikely.
I'll probably get a revolver (and 4 speed loaders). Mostly because they are just soo darned cool.
"Penal Code 25400 PC, California's carrying a concealed weapon law, makes it a crime to carry a concealed firearm on your person or in a vehicle. As a misdemeanor, the charge carries a penalty of up to 1 year in jail.
As a felony, the sentence is up to 3 years in jail."
Reason to carry even without a permit:
"Doin' jail time is a whole lot better than doin' dead time." - mTk

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Yeah, lots of "J" frames out there to chose from. Maybe too many.
You hit my fav so far though with the LCR and LCRx.
Ideally I'd get this, but it may not be legal in California. Absolutely no idea why.


FGM Company Sergeant Major
Oct 21, 2016
A little more research today has me leaning towards the Ruger 327.
I really like what Ruger has done with LCRs and the .32 with .32 Long or 327 magnum ammo would still get the job done and cut me a lot of slack as to recoil.
Probably not available in CA. :unsure:

Ammo in that caliber might be scarce.
I had actually never heard of a 327 mag.

I have two .38 specials. Ammunition availability is always something to consider.
Ammo in that caliber might be scarce.
I had actually never heard of a 327 mag.

I have two .38 specials. Ammunition availability is always something to consider.
Exactly the main reason I like 9mm. Beside the ease of shoot. I mean come on mTk, are you just trying to be cool? Well I have some dragon fire shotgun ammo for you. THAT is cool, but you'll just singe the intruder and burn your house down. :p

Meat Grinder

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Yeah, I heard that about the .32 as well. It just isn't very popular.
Anyway, may as well ask. I really do like the benefits of a .32. Particularly the 6 round load.

The .32 used to be *much* more popular than it is now. I think the .380 has pretty much taken it's place these days. I actually own a .32. Mine is a North American Arms "Guardian". The main reason I bought it, as I believe I mentioned earlier in this thread, is it is a true pocket gun. I have no illusions about my ability to hit anything smaller than a barn with it beyond 10 yards.

In your case, @mTk , since you only want something for home defense, forget about .32. I still say a .38 special revolver or a shotgun is your best choice.

Keep us posted.
Well, I still like the idea of the .32 revolver for all the obvious benefits.
A shotgun is a non-starter. Would not want to be in the same building if my wife ever had a need to put it to use. :whistle:
Pretty sure she could deal with a .32. "Deal" being a relative term.
Looks like .32 ACP ammo can be found, but the Magnum variety...not so much.
Now I just have to get motivated and "study up" to pass that little FSC test. First things first.
Would be waay embarrassed if I failed by 1 question.

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If it is recoil you are concerned about, the .38 special is quite manageable, when fired from a medium, or even a small sized revolver, such as a S&W J-Frame. I don't recommend a .32 for home defense. Underpowered.

Whatever you decide to buy, take the time to go to the range and practice with it, at least two or three times a year. It's actually quite fun.