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Hello again everyone

Coaxial Puppet

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Nov 2, 2020
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Maryland, USA
It's been about 3 years since I've been over here but life got busy. It's still pretty busy but i have a strong itch to get some pbems going shortly and can think of no better place to do that then here.

Had a lot of good matches before. (Usually with me getting a beating).

Been playing and following combat mission since cmbo and remember waiting everyday for another post to pop up for the infamous cmbo alpha aar. I was in high school then. Ha.

Times are now spent spending time with my son and wife and working in the fire department. And trying to squeeze a good book in now and then. Currently reading about face by colonel david hackworth.

Look forward to some battles.
Had a quick read about Hackworth.

Among his war medals from the wars in Korea and Vietnam were 2 Distinguished Service Crosses and 10 Silver Stars!
But then he became openly critical of Pentagon officials and the military, which cost him his career.
He then became a renowned journalist.
My general impression is of his bravery both on and off the battlefield, and that he cared for soldiers.

Reading about him reminded me of Smedley Butler from WW1.
Another highly decorated American, he was critical of warfare and wrote 'War Is a Racket'.
That will definitely be a book I add to my list. Sounds interesting

Hackworth definitely seemed like the type of leader who cared for his men and worked them hard so they can get a job done and make it home. Never would have heard of it if I didn't listen to the jocko podcast. I have a couple of books he has reviewed that I plan on getting to eventually.
Big welcome to the Club @Coaxial Puppet The Few Good Men are welcoming you!.... You will find a lot of interesting people here
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@Coaxial Puppet Welcome to FGM. About Face is a terrific book. I applied some of his suggestions to my training plans when I was a Basic Training commander back in the late 1980s.