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Hey Folks!


FGM New Member
Nov 25, 2020
Somerset, WI
My name is Sam, and I'm extraordinarily new to this community. I came here because of my interest in the Combat Mission game series (which I am also very, very new to), and because I kept hearing FGM get mentioned in Usually Hapless's videos about the games. I also am a nut for history, especially military history, so I suppose this is just a progression of my love for that.

I only discovered CM/ the online wargaming community in the late summer of this year, so I've only been at this for 3 or so months, but I'm hoping to just continue to get more into it as time goes on. I'm also excited to meet some of y'all on this forum, because it seems like this is an absolutely great community.

Anyways, I figured I'd go ahead and write up a quick intro, so here it is :ROFLMAO:,

Big welcome to the Club @BlackJack The Few Good Men are welcoming you!.... You will find a lot of interesting people here
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