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Hi All,

Just a quick intro. I've been a top down strategy guy since the early 90's while in the US Navy (Aircrew Ordnance). Always on the hunt for something to replace Close Combat, I found CM a year ago and quickly discovered how much better it is. I live in Texas, but have lived all over... Texas is home though. I enjoy playing bass and am reintroducing myself to scale modelling to pass the time. I'm an IT guy now and love solving problems. That's pretty much me in a nutshell. I owe Hapless a huge Thank You for getting me to the point where I feel comfortable playing against other people. His videos are my Netflix... so THANK YOU SIR!

Hope to see ya'll in multiplayer! :)

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Big welcome to the Club @uberzoned The Few Good Men are welcoming you!.... You will find a lot of interesting people here
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Well howdy-do. :)
Welcome aboard.

I've spent some time out in Texas.
Did my Air Force training out in San Antonio and Wichita Falls.
Visited my brother while he lived in Fort Worth, El Paso and Amarillo (he was in the Army Corps of Engineers).
Never really been to East Texas though. Always wanted to hang out in a bar on the Gulf drinking cold brews and eating fresh gulf shrimp right off the boat. :cool:

Which CM's are you looking to play?
Hey there ex-neighbor! I just moved back to Texas from the Upper West Side in the city. Had an ex in Babylon, so I was out there a bit. I have everything on Steam right now. Haven't really dipped my toes into the WWII stuff, but that looks pretty juicy. Glad to meet you!

Welcome to the club! Please enjoy a doughnut and some coffee while you look about.