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I like the look of this.. Doorkickers 2

it's an amazing game for an indie studio. amazing controls and tacAI better than most AAa studios
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@Nathangun Just FYI:
"SEAL Team is moving over to Paramount+ for its fifth season (after airing four episodes on CBS in fall 2021), and while much is in flux about what that means,
series star and executive producer David Boreanaz (who plays Bravo 1, Jason Hayes) is excited about what's next." - Jun 2, 2021 (Google TV)

I get neither of them channels, but I can stream on a subscription type service here, now tv or sky tv channel, or one of those illegal sites but they tend to have poorer quality streams the older an episode is.
Just found the random map option, and set it to large. It generated a Fallujah style map.

Covered the main streets with a SAW and DMR, and then had 2 CQB teams wall-breaching and clearing structures either side of the main drag. Very satisfying!

SAW suppression whilst DMR takes out the suppressed hostiles very satisfying, just gotta watch reloads....!
Just checked, Seal Team has 4 season's (80 episodes). So my TV schedule is filled for a year now.

Them's famous last words!

I finished season 1 in a week (last week). Doesn't help when the last 4 of 5 episodes of season 1 are almost one big episode chopped up!.....
Ha! I'm a bit of a completionist. Still working my way through Tiny Troubles, trying to tick of every challenge where possible (though single plans are tough...)
@Nathangun YEAH BABY!!!