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KING OF JERUSALEM: Swords & Scimitars Tourney - Round 5: need one more player

@Rico @mTk My internet was wonky as hell last night and my turn did not upload to the email server. Got that corrected this AM. Sorry for the delay Terry and Rico.
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Making progress? ... stalled?

Losing interest fast here, seeing that we started this round off on December 1st!!

If this match has stalled, I'm calling it -- please ceasefire it asap, so rest of us can move on (although by now I am not sure if everyone else has lost interest)
I'm still good to be thrown back in at the bottom.
@Rico Sir HOA's Crusaders defend the oasis and prevail, 48%-16%. Hats off to mTk for manning up and assaulting my hedgehog(not Ted) set up in a very defensible position. It was the luck of the setup draw that I could hole up in a damn good defensible position that negated the Turkish horse troops. Terry, thanks for the game, much respect for you for a battle hard-fought.
Finally ready to get ROUND 5 going.

@olaf is still reigning Sultan with one successful throne defence to his name -- @Rico steps up as this round's challenger for the throne.

@Wellsonian and @HOA_KSOP fight it out in middle tier in a Crusader vs Crusader battle.

@mTk and @chiquichops re-join the bottom tier to start their campaigns afresh.

Two more slots available for new challengers to try their hand in winning the crown of Jerusalem: @kronenblatt @Nelson1812 @Nathangun @Mad Mike

King of Jerusalem 005a.jpg


Throne Challenge:
@olaf (Saracen) vs @Rico (Saracen)

Middle tier: @Wellsonian (Crusader) vs @HOA_KSOP (Crusader)

Bottom Tier

Battle 1: @mTk (Crusader) vs @chiquichops (Saracen)

Battle 2:


Here the setting for the 5th round battle. Either player can set up the challenge.

Crusaders (1096-1099) vs Syrian States (1096 - 1099)

Medium force size and map: Middle East Hilly