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[Mods] Aris and Other Popular Mods Combined into Easy to Download Packs


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Nov 28, 2011
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Perth, Australia
Following on from a discussion here:

I've combined all my CMBN (inc CW related) mods into easy to download packs that will save you from downloading a million and one individual files. If you want a video demonstration of what CMBN will look and sound like if you download these four mod packs then check this out:

++++Edit 13/06/2013 - New Links. Big thanks to Matt_Mulder!++++

Okay the mods...
Aris Allied Specific (Vehicles)

Aris Axis Specific (Vehicles)

Terrain and Environment (Warning - Very big)

Other Files (Sounds, UI etc)

Please note I don't use Aris' decal versions for his vehicles and for the UI mods I don't use the ones with all the ranges and data all over it. Feels a little cluttered to me. Anyway hope you enjoy.

Probably need to pull them out of the main extract folder and into your Z Folder for best results. Some mods like the sound mod will work with CMFI, most of the texture ones won't cross over.

Enjoy putting your modems to work!
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As the links are already dead, could you plz tell me what that Terrain Mod is? Is it Veins?
Just digged into the Dropbox manual and saw public links get suspended for three days when you overload bandwidth (only 20gb) so links should be back up by the 12th of June. Not a long term solution considering I'd lose the ability to do PBEM if this happens again. Lucky I've got no games going at the moment.

Any ideas for a more long term solution I'm all ears.
Media fire

One problem, file limit of 200mb on the free account and the smallest size is around 300mb. Little tight on $$$ on this end at the moment. Really don't want to go breaking up the packs further if I don't need to. Also free accounts if inactive for a short period are deleted. Still maybe an option but you could be downloading ten packs instead of four.
if you can wait until tomorrow I am buying a 100gb account on mediafire tonight I will gladly give the user id and password to ithikial so he can log in and upload whatever he wants. what do you think ithikial?
it s ok mate. I'm the one who started the conversation about recent and realistic mods and I was going to need some online storage space anyway so if you want to use some no prob for me. I ll let you know the details by mp
So...I just tried to pay for the 100GB account and somehow my premium visa doesn't work. And I bought two items on two websites before that so that's mediafire-related I think...I just logged a ticket with them, will keep you posted asap :)
update : for some reason it works now.
Ithikial : you must have received my login and password through my gmail account anowlindaylight.
you're welcome ithikial. I provided the mediafire account but you did all this hard work putting those mods together so thanks to you ;)