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Nice to meet you guys



Hi iam Terri and i live in germany. Iam a very green combat mission player but i love this game, i hope to learn and meet new tactic things and peoples.... Never played against a human player... Uam very interessted ... Combat mission battle of normandy with update 4 and cw module.... Greetings from the Ruhrpott
We are a friendly bunch more like Family

Welcome to the Club Terribleone Good to have you with us plenty going on here, Here are some Links to the site just here to help you
The Few Good Men are welcoming you!....

You will find a lot of interesting people here, who are sharing your hobby and we are proud of being far more than just a platform for finding war-gaming opponents.

We recommend you read the following threads to get an impression of what our club is about and what it might be for you as well:


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Thx You guys ... Nice to be here in This great community
Welcome to the nicest CM group in the world (Maybe, there are some exceptions :) )

Wander around; read lots and jump in on conversations. Ask, play and get involved it's a fun crowd.
Glad to hear you joined FGM. You will not have any trouble finding opponents to play CM. Enjoy the competition.
Hello Terri (Bill?) :D, welcome to THE FEW GOOD MEN!
Good to have you with us! :)

Joining this community was the right decision because Combat Mission is at it's best when played head to head (H2H)
- as you already know. ;)
hey guys i wanted to thank you all its great to be here . I am now 10 months in cm and this community I almost lost every game but its fun and challenging. I meet son interesting players and peoples. Thanks for that.

Glad to have you here. That's the appeal of FGM; you get to meet new people and make new friends all of whom only want to shoot munitions large and small at you! :shocknaz:
Hey Terri, Ill give you a game i'm still a bit of a novice..You can Pick.......I like to do Mirror's. I live in Auckland New Zealand