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Panzer Corps 2

I am excited. But i wish Order of Battle and Panzer Corps would combine already! every time i play one i wish it had something the other one has if one game had it all. OH MAMA! it would be amazing. i think.
After seeing some of the vids of the game, the unit graphics look poor compared to screenshots previously released. Maybe the pre-release build isn't up to scratch yet. Can it be modded? The green grass looks a bit too vibrant for my taste. Otherwise I might get this as I need a lighter game for a while. So either this or Unity of Command 2.
@rocketman Exactly. In 2020 this is the best look they can give us? Meh.
I'm thinking that we me be seeing a bit of a turning point for WWII turn-based war games in that what can be done, has been done.
I'm watching Part II (Oh, heck, here it is for you too). Unless I see something new and interesting I'm not sure they are going to get my $.
And that disappoints me.
Well, watched some more video and I'm starting to come around a bit.
There are several new options available for unit management that are quite interesting and should be fun.
The one early on to improve aspects of your forces while at the same time having to inflict negative affects in a quid pro quo situation is unique.
It's not going to be an easy game as several of the You Tubers have lost the initial battles on Medium difficulty. Although I think the losses occurred primarily because they didn't know what the hell they were doing.
Nobody yet seems to know how supply works.
Full game release finally has a date. IIRC it is March 19.
Had a look at Historical Wargamer's stream of the Norway invasion. Can't say I like getting reinforcements to arrive without any problems despite there being a great naval battle close by. Also the thing that you can just "purchase" units and they are ready to go at once.
Do unit losses carry over for both sides during campaigns or only for the player?
I know that losses to the player's "core" units carry over and you have the option to reinforce back up to full strength when planning for the next scenario. Just like previous editions.
Also, I think I saw that vehicles re-fuel by simply not doing anything for a full turn. I still haven't seen anything that explains if/how supply lines can be cut off. I know when an enemy unit is surrounded it suffers serious defensive penalties, but don't know if that's all there is to supply.