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Panzer Corps 2

:eek: I forgot I actually have a campaign in progress. I'd never fought in Italy before, so did that.
Was fun getting to pummel the AI defensively for a bit of a change.
However, it's been so long I forgot where I left off.
I finished w/Italy, but did not go the Russian route after that.
I guess I'll see.
Man, blind to the facts, blind to the faith, maybe even snow blind...
Lot's of stuff coming via DLC's.
You have to <click> on Recent Events - Spanish Civil War
...and here's some game play.
Re the opening campaign scenario, Polish, southern - has anyone taken Kielce in four turns with the default units?
I have seen a YT vid, but the guy does a stack of upgrading.
I play on the General difficulty setting. Can get to Kielce in time but not with the force to take it.
@Lethal2615 I tried twice, but then decided the benefit was probably not worth any further effort.
Odd that the dev would throw something that hard to do at the player on the first scenario.
Dev: "Ok, guys. First Campaign scenario, what should we do?"
#1: "Well, since everyone is new to the game let's throw in a task that most of them can't accomplish.
You know, ramp up their frustration level right away. Make them think they aren't any good at the game.
Maybe even get some of them to quit!"
Dev: "Right! Sounds good. Bob, you want to take care of that?"
Bob: "Sure, Boss. I'm on it!"
Liking the Spanish DLC.
It has a bit of a different feel about it. Can't really explain it very well. Perhaps it's a history thing.
I know/knew very little about the actual conflict so maybe it's just the unknown that's appealing to me.
It does have a unique combat aspect entirely different than anything before I've ever played (starting 2nd scenario).
I control the "Condor Legion." That's the air-arty-armor units. AI controls my Spanish allies' infantry.
I move my units first and then AI moves infantry depending on overall strategy I set up. Interesting.
After numerous attempts I finally cracked the Kielce capture - level General, random characteristics. Purchased an anti-acft unit (210pts) and another tank unit to bring the tally to 36 of 36 available slots. On one attack used three acft attacks as the enemy unit withdrew. Obviously timing Over-run attacks is key.
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Preparing for the final battle, the assault on Madrid.
Objectives are clear. Capture ALL the victory hexes and kill all the government forces. That's 128 units!!
Interestingly, that's not all the combatants (I don't think) as Communist forces have risen up to attack Republican forces as well. Soo...the enemy of my enemy. I have to be very careful not to get them mad at me as well. Will have to double check as not sure if I have to destroy them too.
In this last fight I get control over the Nationalist infantry units. Not all that excited about it as I got used to moving armor/air/arty assets and then watching the infantry fight. The AI infantry commander was very effective to the point where there was remarkably little I would have done differently.
I got into the routine of setting up the infantry attacks and it's a practice I may well carry over into my play to some degree.
Gonna take a short break though as the task is a daunting one.
Madrid is taken and the war is over! Was very interesting.
In the interim a new DLC was launched and takes place from March '39. I don't really understand it completely.
I did read that you can carry over your core units to the new DLC. That's different!
So, after completing Madrid I am now tasked with taking over what remains of Czechoslovakia as bloodlessly as possible.
Since I've never done that before this will certainly be new experience. Also, since we are trying to be low key I am only allotted
about 1/2 my available force.
Hmm. :unsure: