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Post Scriptum

Yeah good points.
I've started to get better at the game with subtle tricks as well.
Getting back into FPS games, I think my sixth sense is starting to kick in.
You start to get a feel for where the enemy might be and how to survive.
Seems Post Scriptum had an update 4th of February where they added real damage models for tanks - modeling of individual armour plates VS incoming shells, instead of the tank having "hitpoints". Anyone played this willing to give his impressions?

@Concord, had the chance to check out the new patch?

I was interested in the game, but the simplistic tank damage was one of the things that made me decide not to buy it.
@Bulletpoint while I have downloaded the patch, I have been playing games less and less over the past few months.

The few times I have started up this game, I was surprised at how few players were around on the servers.

When I played a few sessions on PS and its sister game Squad, I spent my time spawning-running-dying.
Probably just out of practice, but I found it frustrating and boring so I left mid-session each time.

The developers are pretty good at fixing bugs, optimising and adding new content, and it is a good game.
I think I just need to take a break from it, which coincides with my new timetable anyway.
Thanks for reporting back.

It's a bit of a downside to games nowadays - with everybody online, game developers start to release half-finished games, since they know games sell on potential and they can always release patches.

Then by the time they actually manage to fix all the flaws, most of the player base will be bored with the game and have moved on...
When I played a few sessions on PS and its sister game Squad, I spent my time spawning-running-dying.
Probably just out of practice, but I found it frustrating and boring so I left mid-session each time.

This game is much better if you find a large group to play with. I played some organized events (40vs40) with the spanish community against french, english and italian groups/clans and those were amazing.
I have not played squad but I think it may be similar in that respect.
The optimization is the one who killed to me, I can't believe I can run almost all games except this one, I have to reduce the game to the quality of Operation Flashpoint and I still had lag. Perhaps I should see if they work out that.
Post Scriptum on sale at Steam. 40% off; USD $17.99, down from USD $29.99
Post Scriptum Supporter on sale at Steam through 10-June-2019. 40% off; USD $35.99, down from USD $59.99
Play for free through Sunday 9-June-2019 2100 hours / 9pm GMT.

Is there a single player capability for this game? Reviews are mixed. What's the FGM consensus here?
The regular game is good, especially when you get a good squad who communicates (you will need a microphone and headphones). No single player - although there is a training area / shooting range.
I wouldn't bother with the supporter edition. Just extra fluff.

There is still a problem with cheaters. For example, I got headshot as I stepped out of a plane yesterday, one mile up and moving. Impossible shot.
There are still Youtube videos advertising cheats for P.S., and obviously people still buy them.

I think the anti-cheat is fairly effective, but it takes time to work unfortunately due to its method - it gathers 'evidence' over several matches.
So if you are playing on a server with cheaters, you have to suffer until they eventually get banned. Could take a day or a week or even longer.

P.S. Played as a US sapper in a squad with my Australian 'clan' Red Eye Rifle Battalion yesterday. Armed with a 'grease gun' and various explosives.
Our side was having trouble getting the western side of the bridge at Grave because of a Tiger tank situated at that end on the road, laying waste with cannon and machine guns.
Our clan squad infiltrated the area and laid down some smoke grenades. I crawled out onto the road on my belly and placed a satchel charge right next to the Tiger and then exfiltrated. BOOM! Exciting.
Servers can be password protected.
This is often used for events. I've attended several of these.
The ones I have attended are with my clan and 2 US clans (it's not clan vs. clan - all the sides are a mix of members, for the social aspect).
It usually involves a pre-prepared combat scenario of some kind, with well thought out rules.
Seems there was a new patch to PS that added dismemberment and gore. I'm not personally too keen on it, not because I want war to look sanitised, but because I think it looks a bit too exaggerated and Monty Python for my taste.