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SCENARIO DESIGNER’S WORKSHOP – Orders of Battle / Tables Of Equipment & Organization


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OOB’s & TOE’s
Here are references for WW2 Orders of Battle and Tables of Equipment and Organization

Battalion Organization during the Second World War

20th Century Orders of Battle

Battlefront TO&E – Battle For Normandy

Battlefront TO&E – Commonwealth Forces

Battlefront TO&E – Market Garden

Battlefront TO&E – Fortress Italy

Battlefront TO&E – Gustav Line

Battlefront TO&E – Final Blitzkreig

Battlefront TO&E – Red Thunder
I want to add two great sites for OOBs:

German OOB formations (It's in german, but not difficult to navigate for non-speakers as my self, the mini images in the OOB are awesome, it goes even to the supply of the units, very deep).

WWII OOB Different Armies and Campaigns (English and more general, but also have very detailed OOB of various campaigns).